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Things to Avoid Eating Before Sleep

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Sleep is something that is absolutely essential to your wellbeing.  It determines to a great extent how much energy we have the next day, boosts our immune system and aids with recovery from physical activity. Not getting a good nights’ sleep can be detrimental to your performance at work, or even your mood in general. As someone who watches a lot of TV after dinner, snacking is something I cannot live without. Unfortunately, snacking after dinner can cause massive issues with sleep. If you  have issues with sleep and are a late night snacker, try to avoid these five foods:

High Sugar Food.
Foods high in processed sugar like chocolates and cereals are to be avoided. The sugar results in energy spikes which can make it very difficult to stay asleep, let alone actually fall asleep.

Spicy Food.
Foods that are really spicy can wake you up, making it almost impossible to fall asleep till the effects wear off.

Red Meat.
Meats like this that are high in fat take longer to digest and as such can make peaceful sleep very difficult. Stick to protein sources such as yoghurt for digestive benefits.

Canned Food.
Canned goods in general are high in Sodium, so if you must eat something out of a can, look for a low sodium alternative.

This one is quite obvious. Caffeine is a stimulant and just like the spices above, is something you really need to avoid.

Avoiding these foods alone could improve your sleep. Give it a try, this small change could make a definitive quality of life improvement.


A Good Skin Care Routine

As we age, our natural skin will become drier and will generally lose its elasticity leaving it more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. One of the main culprits of aging and premature aging is the sun, it emits harmful UVA and UVB rays that speeds up the process of aging. To help slow down this process, we need to use natural skin care products that will suit our skin type.

Everyone has their own skin types, and knowing what your skin type is will help in choosing the right products to use. Consult a skin expert to determine whether you have an oily, dry or combination skin, from here the skin expert will be able to recommend what skin care products you should use. Stick to products that only use natural ingredients as chemical ingredients can cause skin irritation and even trigger skin allergies. Stick with your beauty regimen everyday to ensure that you are maximizing its benefits. Do not forget to drink lots of water to rehydrate your skin, your body and to flush out any unwanted toxins. Put sunblock on to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays.

Article submitted by Mad Hippie. Mad Hippie is one of the leading online sources where you can purchase various skin care related products that are made with natural ingredients. Mad Hippie guarantees that their products does not contain parabens or synthetic ingredients that are harmful on your skin. They offer Vitamin C serum, facial oil, facial creams and a lot more.

How To Take Good Care Of Your Skin

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Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it is one of the first thing other people see when you interact with one another. Taking care of our skin is important as it will help us appear younger and fresh, who would want to look haggard and stressed anyway? Many of us invest on a Vitamin C Serum and even an eye cream to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

We all have our own beauty regimen as we have different skin types, if you are unsure which beauty products to use it is best to consult a skin expert to know what products will best suit your skin type. When it comes to beauty products, it is advisable to always go for those that contains natural ingredients to prevent skin irritation and allergic reactions. Nowadays, there are a lot of natural anti aging products introduced in the market because a lot of people choose this as the best option. Aside from your beauty regimen, do not forget to constantly rehydrate your body to flush out body toxins. Exercise daily and eat foods that will help in clearing your skin for a more youthful glow.

How To Combat Rectocele And Other Uterine Problems

As time passes, more and more illnesses are discovered by scientists. This is viewed as disadvantageous and beneficial at the same time. Rectocele is an example of a problem that has been discovered by scientists thanks to technology. When people have that kind of problem, it is wise to consider endometrial ablation. Though both are somehow far from each other, the procedure includes the process of offsetting the problem notwithstanding the fact that there are other procedures.

The procedure to cure that problem is not easy but thanks to technology, laser treatment is now possible. This type of treatment heavily relies on technology. Doctors and nurses are guided by technology to accurately address the concern as soon and as quick as possible. However, not all clinics and hospitals provide this type of treatment process. Now you can count yourself lucky.  By doing a quick search over the Internet, you can find various institutions who can offer these solutions to get your life back on track.

Article submitted by Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Michigan. The institution has long been providing vaginal treatments for women all over the world. They have treated women from over 35 states in America, as well as in other 20 countries around the world. They offer solutions for various issues such as uterine prolapsed and menorrhagia. Through their expertise and world class facilities, you can be sure that you are in good hands.

Why Opt For A Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Many are curious when a treatment for vaginal rejuvenation was publicized online. For people in mostly conservative countries, this may seem like an odd treatment, however, for open minded individuals who would want to improve a certain factor in their lives, this may have caught their interest.

Due to the latest technology, research and well applied methods, women may now choose to undergo a treatment where they can restore tightness and in a simple out-patient procedure that may take only about an hour. There are various reasons why a women may choose to opt for this treatment, one could be due to the fact that it makes them feel and look younger again, another is they would want to improve their sexual gratification and for some it is somehow a way to make them feel more intimate with their partner. In some medical cases, these treatments could also cover symptoms concerning the uterine lining known as the endometrium which were caused by aging and post pregnancies.

One that a woman may consider when looking to avail for this procedure is through the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Michigan. Upon consultation, a woman will be given various options to choose from, treatments such as labiaplasty or labia reduction surgery, treatments for menorrhagia, pelvic relaxation and many more. Institutions for these type of treatments are still limited so make sure that you do a full research about your possible best options.

How Vaginal Tightening Surgery Can Improve Your Sex Life

As you get older, you want to do everything you can to keep your sex life as fresh and as exciting as possible.  Sexual activity is something that can help you fight the natural aging of your body and can go a long way to also improving your overall mood.  Vaginal tightening surgery is a new cosmetic procedure that is helping thousands of women improve their sex life, even as they get older.

This new type of surgery is known as laser vaginal rejuvenation, and the procedure, which takes just a few hours, does exactly as the name suggests.  The whole idea of the procedure is to enhance the vaginal muscles so that they are as strong as when you were young.  The added muscle tone also rejuvenates control over your vaginal muscles.  This will tighten the vagina and strengthen the perineal body. 

As you age, the muscles in the vagina relax and there is poor tone, strength, as well as control.  This procedure reverses that and will enhance sexual function for women.


The procedure is being performed all across the United States by some of the best cosmetic surgeons such as Dr Berenholz.  These surgeons are working to make this procedure one of the simplest available, with small risk and high reward.  Vaginal tightening surgery Michigan women can have done may not even cost as much as you think.  Having vaginal surgery Illinois residents can rely on could improve your quality of life in a big way.

Information about Laser Vaginoplasty

There has been a growing trend of women having laser vaginoplasty.  But there are women who have heard of it and who are curious about vaginoplasty. This is something that is done both on women and on men who are having a sex change. Here are some things that those who are considering the procedure should know.

  • Before the procedure, the site where the surgery will be done needs to be shaved completely of any hair.
  • The evening before this type of procedure for a sex change the patient will need to clear their colon and digestive tract.
  • During the recovery period the patient is allowed to take in some limited amounts of dairy products and limited amounts of fiber.
  • It’s important that the patient is familiar with their neo-vagina status after a sex change. There’s two ways for them to do this. One is through using a mirror to look at it. They can also feel it to become familiar with it.
  • One kind of this procedure involves narrowing the exterior and interior dimensions.  This type of problem is done through narrowing the person’s vaginal muscles which have been extended.

If you are thinking about having this procedure or something like labiaplasty Minneapolis done, one of the websites that you can go to is the website of Dr. Berenholz.  You will find a lot of useful information here and you can ask questions to find out more about the things that you want to know about.

Considering Labia Reduction?

If you are considering labia reduction, then that is for good reason. We all want to feel confident with our bodies and taking care of our most sensitive parts is just one way to add confidence overall. Women with enlarged or misshapen labial areas suffer a great deal of discomfort and have to limit what they wear pretty often. There are other reasons women go through this simple procedure. They may feel more comfortable with reduced labia when it comes to their self confidence, as well.

Dr. Berenholz provides the opportunity for all of his patients to gain self confidence through vaginal surgery. Our bodies take a beating when we are going through childbirth and other stressful situations. By setting an appointment to discuss your issues with him, you will be able to take the first step in adding confidence and comfort to your life whether it be for aesthetic or comfort reasons.

Laser vaginoplasty is an option that many women may not know they have. This will help aid in the reduction of the labia. Or even if you have other issues such as wanting to restore your hymen or reducing your mons pubis, this option is the safest and best way to go about it.

Many women have these issues that need to be attended to. This could be due to injuries during childbirth or just aesthetic reasons. Take the time to look over his website to learn more about him and his services. Labiaplasty Chicago can be a great way to feel more confident about your private parts.

Protein Shakes as Meal Replacements

If you drink any alcohol at all then you are most likely aware that you taking in a good amount of calories.  If you do not watch how much or what kind of alcohol you intake, those calories may add up fast.  But you are in luck because you can choose a delicious low calorie alcoholic drink.  The calorie intake of an alcoholic beverage will depend on the type of alcohol you drink.  A 12 ounce can of beer, 5 ounce glass of wine, 8 ounces of malt liquor or 1 ½ ounce of malt liquor that is 80 proof all have around 96 calories that derive from alcohol only and does not include fillers added.  An alternative to alcohol would be to locate some meal replacement shakes

While protein shakes are delicious and good for you, shakes using potassium rich foods are just as good.  A yogurt and banana shake is full of potassium.  And this shake is very low calorie with there being about 100 calorie in banana.  Blend one banana, ¼ cup of orange juice, ¾ cup skim milk and one cup of low fat yogurt.  Blend until thick.  Serve chilled in a glass and enjoy.  Have one of these each morning for your little pick me up instead of that caffeinated coffee. You can learn more about potassium and see a potassium rich foods list over at

Using Technology To Solve Most Female Reproductive Problems Including Menorrhagia

There are a lot of gynecological problems that can plague women. In most of the cases, these problems cause a lot of discomfort for the woman. This may affect her esteem, productivity and in very few cases her mental condition due to the depression that may be caused by some of these conditions.

Thus it is important that these women find solutions that work for them in order to get rid of these issues. There are solutions that have worked for other women and they may work for you. Most of these solutions can be found at the website of Dr Berenholz.

If you think that your genitals do not look as good as you would like them to, you may be headed for some troubling times. These thoughts may lead to depression and in most cases lead to low self esteem. If you are willing to do something about this, laser vaginoplasty may be a solution for you. Taking this step however takes some heart because the result is permanent.

If menorrhagia is what bothers you, then there are solutions at dr berenholz’s website that will be of great help for you. Although most of the solutions that are offered there are invasive, it may be important for you to get them. After all is said and done, invasive surgery should not be the barrier that forces you to live with the pain and the low self esteem that is often associated with menorrhagia.

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