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Types of dental malpractice


 Article by Dane Levy Attorney of

Dental malpractice is a problem that many Americans across the country have experienced. Sadly, it’s very hard to receive reparations for the mistakes made by dentists There are attorneys that can help you fight for compensation, but first, you should know the many different types of dental malpractice.

Here are some examples of dental malpractice:

Pulling out the wrong tooth

Applying braces wrong

Causing damage to healthy teeth

Prescribing the wrong treatment or drugs

Misdiagnosing or diagnosing the patient late

In today’s society, we are taught that doctors are skilled workers with many years of education. However, doctors are only human and can still make mistakes. When this happens, you need to record as much information as possible. After receiving treatment, make sure that the dentist operated on the right tooth and completed the operation correctly. In the following days or weeks, if you notice any nerve damage or problems with the tooth, make sure to talk to both a malpractice attorney and your dentist. If you wait too long, evidence could get lost, possibly costing you the case.

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