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    Fitness Booth Camps

    Written by: Best Fat Burning Guide When you picture a physical fitness adult boot camp in your mind, chances are that it’s populated by a plethora of young blond men […]

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    My Goals for Loosing Weight

      What is your greatest personal fear? What are you doing to overcome it? Two of my biggest personal fears are reaching my goal weight…and growing old alone. I have […]

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    Things to Avoid Eating Before Sleep

    Article Submitted by Weight loss & Skincare Products Sleep is something that is absolutely essential to your wellbeing.  It determines to a great extent how much energy we have the next […]

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    10 Weight Loss Tips

    Guest post submitted by Coleanse.com.   Here we bring you 10 Weight Loss Tips that is sure to help you lose some weight. 1- Dietary control and exercise. All you […]

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Knowing what to eat before and after your workout

Workout at the gym, Knowing what to eat before and after your workout. Read more at http://www.free-weight-loss-guide.com/knowing-what-to-eat-before-and-after-your-workout/

The foods which you eat on a day of exercise will affect your performance and your recovery. You need to think about the foods you have before, during and after your workout. You want to make sure you get the right balance between your intake, and the amount of exercise you are going to do. If you want to put on muscle you need to eat enough to fuel your body as well as give it what it needs to recover and rebuild your muscles.

If you are working out in the morning:

If you are working out in the morning you need to allow roughly 2-3 hours to have your breakfast before your workout session. Make sure to allow time for this in your daily plan. It is not a great idea to skip breakfast as it can leave you feeling worse or sluggish and light-headed. It could even cause you to get ill. If you can’t fit in time for a full breakfast, make sure to eat something a little lighter a couple of hours before you work out.

For snacks stick to: Wholegrain foods such as bread and cereals are great. Fruit is also a great idea, bananas and apples are good.If you don’t have any breakfast then you should get some fuel in the form of an energy sports drink.


When snacking during the day you want to keep to low sugar snacks, I go for snacks with less than 10grams of sugar where possible. The exception to this is if you need the snack to fuel a workout in which case wholegrain bars or sports are are great.
For snacks try and stick to wholegrain foods. Cereal bars are good, cereal and milk is good, fruits make a great snack too. You can buy wholesale food to save money.

Post workout foods.

For your post workout foods you want to give your body what it needs to help you recover and repair your muscles. If you are muscle building you will need slightly more food to fuel your recovery. You will want to eat a meal that is high in protein, such as chicken or steak, and some vegetables. Try and keep the meal low in saturated fats, salt and sugar if you can. If you don’t feel hungry after working out then try and have a sports drink or protein drink to get what you need in your body.

Good snacks for after a workout include:yogurts, foods with peanut butter,and dried fruits and nuts.

Know what works well for you

The key here is knowing what foods work for you, if you feel certain things making you sluggish or hyper, adjust your intake or your foods until you find the right balance that fuels your exercise plan and lifestyle. It is also important to drink plenty of water.during your workout.

Using Technology To Solve Most Female Reproductive Problems Including Menorrhagia

There are a lot of gynecological problems that can plague women. In most of the cases, these problems cause a lot of discomfort for the woman. This may affect her esteem, productivity and in very few cases her mental condition due to the depression that may be caused by some of these conditions.

Thus it is important that these women find solutions that work for them in order to get rid of these issues. There are solutions that have worked for other women and they may work for you. Most of these solutions can be found at the website of Dr Berenholz.

If you think that your genitals do not look as good as you would like them to, you may be headed for some troubling times. These thoughts may lead to depression and in most cases lead to low self esteem. If you are willing to do something about this, laser vaginoplasty may be a solution for you. Taking this step however takes some heart because the result is permanent.

If menorrhagia is what bothers you, then there are solutions at dr berenholz’s website that will be of great help for you. Although most of the solutions that are offered there are invasive, it may be important for you to get them. After all is said and done, invasive surgery should not be the barrier that forces you to live with the pain and the low self esteem that is often associated with menorrhagia.

Are you feeling bloated?

Bloated feeling in your stomach makes you very uncomfortable. It is hard to concentrate on any work or discourage you from a much needed workout. One common reason for bloating is gas build up in your stomach. This may be due to enzymes and bacteria that break down food in your stomach taking a long time to work. It leads to uncomfortable gas build up in your stomach and make you feel bloated. People with lactose intolerance may get the bloated feeling in the stomach due to that condition. Whatever it is this feeling make everyone uncomfortable. If you are feeling bloated Coleanse Diet could help you to get rid of the bloated feeling and provide you with some relief.

Coleanse Diet comes in a fill form and contains several natural products to rid the bloated feeling in the stomach. Coleanse Diet also carries several other body friendly benefits too. It will gently cleanse your colon getting rid of many toxins that are harmful to your health and relieve you of the bloated feeling. It will boost your energy level while taking off few unnecessary pounds. Other useful resources about this product can be found at Coleanse Diet or http://www.bowtrolreview.com.

Low Potassium Foods for Those Hyperkalemia

If your body appears to be healthy, you most likely have proper functioning of muscle function and your nervous system and having too much Potassium can be an issue as well. For this keep a Potassium rich food list, to know what to avoid.

Potassium is important in order to keep bodily functions working properly, stops additional fluid retention as well as producing metabolism for carbohydrates and proteins. It is important to check with your doctor to see if you have high potassium which is called hyperkalemia or if you have low potassium which is called potassium deficiency. There are foods that are low in potassium and are created for people suffering from high potassium, or hyperkalemia.

One medium apricot is 105 mg, 10 grapes is 116 mg, one diced pineapple is 88 mg, 10 sweet cherries are 152 mg, canned plums are 194 mg and one medium tangerine is 132 mg. There are vegetables that are also low in potassium which include green beans which have the potassium content of 76 mg, cauliflower has 125 mg, cooked corn has 114 mg, steamed eggplant has 119 mg, turnips have 106 mg and diced celery has 239 mg. There are other foods that contain potassium as well, including lamb, cheese, plain yogurt, poultry, fresh fish, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese and oysters. Bananas are high in Potassium so that is something you should. Even when it comes to calories banana is not bad at all. Potassium rich foods are definitely something you should avoid.

There is a great recipe which contained foods that have low calcium. Chicken wraps are made from cooked as well as chopped boneless, skinless chicken breasts, 1/4 cup marinade, 1/4 cup chopped celery, 1/4 cup chopped red bell pepper, 1/4 cup of shredded lettuce and flour tortillas. Spread each flour tortillas on aluminum foil. Add the chicken, lettuce, celery, marinade and bell pepper. Roll up the tortilla in a wrap fashion and do the same with the remaining ingredients. Bananas make the perfect dessert since there are just 105 calories in a banana. Find more information like this at crazyfatloss.org.

Medical Info on Getting your Vagina back into Shape Again

To a woman it is important not only that the outside of her body looks good but she also wants to feel good about the sensitive parts of her body as well, such as her vagina. Many women suffer from medical issues with their vaginas that they might not want to be so open about, but the good news is that there is hope for those unwanted medical issues whether they are minor or major problems.

Dr. Berenholz is a certified ObGyn in the Detroit area and he has been in the practice of this for about 20 years. He has worked with women to reach their desired needs when it comes to vaginal plastic surgery and other medical issues that have to do with the vaginal region. Learning more about Dr. Berenholz you’ll be able to learn more about the options that he and his associates have to offer.

Vaginoplasty is a type of surgery that reduces the size of the labia; to make it tighter and smaller according to a woman’s needs. Although this form of surgery has been criticized it is known to be one of the most popular forms of surgery available to women. This process isn’t necessarily for vanity but for most women to improve their sexual desires.

The only place that you need to look to find a consultant to talk too about vaginal surgery is online. Fill out a form for Vaginal surgery Wisconsin and someone will contact you and give you more information about it.

Find more information about Dr. Berenholz as well as information on menorrhagia.

Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Article Submitted by Los Angeles Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana is more than a recreational drug; people have been using it medicinally for more than 5,000 years, and today it is a doctor-recommended medical treatment for people with terminal and debilitating conditions such as cancer and multiple sclerosis. But you don’t have to be on your death bed to experience the health benefits of medical marijuana.

In Europe, Canada, and the U.S., doctors are able to treat patients suffering from a variety of health conditions, ranging from severe PMS to adult ADHD. While not terminal, these health conditions can be severe enough to disrupt daily life. Before you head out to one of the many Los Angeles marijuana dispensaries in the area, discover the unknown health benefits of medicinal marijuana.

Helps Ease PMS: Nearly 75 percent of menstruating women experience some premenstrual syndrome symptoms. For some, the physical pain can be excruciating. Pot has been shown to reduce pain in severe cases of PMS, especially for women whom traditional pain medications do not work.

Benefits People with Adult ADHD: Nearly 4.1 percent of the adult population is diagnosed with ADHD, a condition that causes impulsive behavior, inattention, and hyperactivity. Traditional treatment of ADHD includes stimulant drugs and other medications including Ritalin that are not always helpful or come with negative side effects. However, medical grass has been shown to treat the symptoms without any negative side effects.

Calms People with OCD and Tourette’s: Weed has been shown to slow down the symptoms of people with Tourette’s as well as the obsessive neurological symptoms in people suffering from OCD.

Cellan pill is a great product to lose weight

Are you frustrated with all those products that claim to lose weight? You are not alone. In order to lose weight you can use weight-loss drugs approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), you can use supplements that are somewhat controlled by the FDA, go on a strict diet or practice any combination of these. They all work either as an “appetite suppressant” or as fat absorbing inhibitors. The appetite suppressant comes in many forms including pills that release over a long period of time. They trick the body into believe that it is not hungry or full by increasing brain chemicals that provide the signal. Another type is fat absorbing inhibitors that block about 30 percent of dietary fat and takes 6-12 months to lose 12-13 pounds.

Here come the Cellan pills that work as a supplement to the rescue. It helps you lose weight by blocking fat absorption, reduce cholesterol in your blood stream and boost your energy level. Cellan diet pills contain African Mango that is proven to lose weight as indicated by many studies. Here are some further resources about African Mango: Dr. Michele Cellan Diet Info.

Here is a YouTube video for Cellan pills: http://youtu.be/b9AWYOgzLjk.

Strange Uses of Potassium

Potassium is generally considered as an essential mineral for proper body functioning. But aside from ingesting potassium rich foods to maintain one’s health, potassium is also used in a variety of ways. Stop minding the calories in a banana and other potassium-rich foods. Instead, get a load of all these other cool ways in which potassium is used!

  • Potassium is great for fertilizers! Grow your plants in potassium-rich soil and see the difference! The potassium ions are essential for nutrition of plants. Additionally, potassium chloride, potassium nitrate and potassium sulfate are very useful in the fields of agriculture, hydroponics and horticulture.
  • If you want glass for your windows that is stronger and can withstand more pressure, then look for toughened glass! It’s made with potassium nitrate so it’s extra durable!
  • For heart surgeons, potassium chloride is vital when performing surgeries. It is used to stop the heart when needed during situations that call for it and then subsequent resuscitation. It also a compound used in lethal injections.
  • Superoxide KO2, which is potassium and oxygen combines, is used in submarines and spacecrafts! It is used for life support. It is how oxygen is supplied to the people inside the crafts.
  • Gold and silver miners also have a use for potassium when they venture into their gold mines. Potassium cyanide is used in extracting gold and silver minerals during gold mining operations.

Potassium isn’t all about food or health. It’s also useful in a number of strange and unexpected ways!

Get That Cystocele Treated and Get On With Your life

Sometimes it can be hard to know when you should go visit the doctor’s office to have yourself examined, or if whatever is ailing you is something that can be ignored and will get better in a couple of days. It is always best to get a professional opinion as soon as you can to make sure further health complications don’t arise. Even if you think you might have a cystocele that needs to be operated on, but are too embarrassed and understandably so in order to seek medical help,  your doctor is trained to handle such affairs so you should have nothing to worry about.

                It is the ailments to our “private areas” that most commonly go without treatment, for fear of embarrassment. But the reality is that there is something wrong with your body that could be potentially threatening, and a doctor is the one person in the world who you should not be hesitant with when it comes to discussing problems with your body. You never know just how serious it might be. You could need a bladder prolapse or maybe labiaplasty surgery in order to remove your ailments. Procedures like these may sound intimidating, but truth is, doctors and surgeons have mastered far less complicated surgeries than these. The only thing you have to fear is a slight bruise to your ego because something is wrong with your body, but you are human and no human is perfect, therefore there should be nothing holding you back from the treatment that you deserve.

Counting Calories: The Three Steps to Obtain a Lean Body

Counting calories gives you an insight to the almost precise amount of calories required to get a lean body. According to my experience, this helps in setting up a healthy diet plan, a crucial factor to lose weight without triggering nutritional deficiency.  This is vital to maintain the body composition, and is more useful than timing or breakdown of calories required for losing fat. So, in this article, we shall find an answer to the question as to how many calories should one consume for obtaining a lean body via counting calories.

Before we look at how many calories, you might be wondering how one would reduce the calories this much. In fact, it is quite simple. A few replacements to the food you eat could make all the differences. You could for instance replace whole eggs with egg whites. Why? Since most of the fat in an egg is in the yolk, the calories in egg whites are quite low. The same goes for replacing regular milk with almond milk. Though there are a lot more almond milk benefits compared to regular milk.

First, determine the calories to be burned per day with the help of the formula: Body Weight x 14. However, this equation is for those who lives a sedentary lifestyle, has body fat of almost 20 to 25%, and exercises 3 to 5 times per week. Second, now calculate the calorie deficit that is triggered daily. Herein, most people take a random number, say 500 calories; but it is highly suggested to avoid this because of the risk of starvation. Rather, select a percentage gamut of 15% to 35% calories fewer than the actual calories being burned daily. Third, calculate the calories required on a daily basis.

For instance, for a man of 150 pounds and with total daily burn of 2100 (150 x 14), a 30% calorie deficit would amount to 630 calories. This means that his actual calorie intake should be calorie burned – calorie deficit, which equates to 1470 calories per day. Although health organizations have given out standard figures on how many calories to consume, it is better not eat less than your BMR (calories burned at rest).

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